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Welcome to the PdfLicenseManager Home
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This page presents a simple Java program to insert a Creative Commons License in a PDF document.
This might be the first tool which allows to easily insert Creative Commons metadata info into PDF files without using Acrobat (R) Professional. For more info on Creative Commons, visit
The program is written in Java, hence it can be used on any platform on which Java runs (including Linux, other UNIXes and Windows). Note that most pre-installed versions of Windows might already include a Java runtime environment, so this program is very easy to install and run.

Embedding licensing info in PDF files is important because it enables specifically designed search engines such as Google and Yahoo to recognize and return them when queried for contents with a specific license (expecially Creative Commons licenses), and users will not risk to use the authors' work in a way the author does not allow.

The program can both show the licensing information associated with a PDF file (which is contained in the XMP stream) and embed a Creative Commons License into the file. Previously existing XMP metadata (which are based on a subset of the RDF standard) are kept unaltered as much as possible. Please note that the program, even if it works in a number of different cases, is still in its first stages, so always keep all your original files.

This program DOES NOT add any image, logo or text on the first page of the PDF file. If you want to mark your file with the insertion of the "Some Rights Reserved" logo and/or the text "This work is released under..." you need to do it by yourself (see the Creative Commons website for more details).

This program requires the itext library, which can be downloaded at
Please download the v. 1.4.2 jar file

Please note that this program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. Licensing information available here.
In short: use it at your own risk.

Any feedback is appreciated. (You will find my email in the README.txt file)